Sunday, 17 February 2013

Long time no sewing

I haven't been very active here lately have I ;) but I thought it could be time again now as I've actually done something again! :) Got an order for a passport cover for a mother and her kid, loooong time ago already but now I finally got them started and finished! :)

Fabrics from my stash, some older some newer and bought in different places :)

A friend posted this on facebook:

I instantly got sooo inspired, want to use it on anything and everything ;) although I thought I'd make the bird with a fabric application... I'll add more information about where it's from and so on when I know :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lovely fair Saturday :)

I was with a good friend to a very nice fair today, Pearl Planet & Stamping Heaven :) (Finnish names Helmiplaneetta ja Leimailutaivas)
Got some nice pearls and a little ribbon and some other nice stuff :) I'll post pictures but I'm just a tad too tired right now, even though I slept for an hour and a half after coming home :D We also went to the library and I found a very good book about crochet! Lots of different stitches and such, I'm sooo inspired! (Which I already was so now I'm even more!).
I've been trying to knit a Hello Kitty hat for a little girl, first it became too small and then too big so now I'm taking a break. I'll crochet a couple handwarmers first I think :) not exactly like these below, but something new from the book :)
These handwarmers were my own adaptation of granny square crocheting :) an acquaintance comissioned them from me :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Swimming and sewing/crafting blog

I've been swimming twice this week already and it's only Wednesday! :) On Monday I was feeling quite a bit off and tired and just wanted to go home and sleeeeeep, but a friend said her very vise words "go home and rest and then go swimming, you know you'll like it once you're there". And she was right! I slept some, although at that point I was still wishing I'd sleep past the time of the water gymnastics I have on Mondays.. but when the time came to leave my sweet bed I managed to do it :) and the gymnastics this time turned out to be not so very hard either, some Mondays I've had a bit of a trouble keeping up.. my back still isn't in the best of shapes although it is sooooo much better! :) I'm not ready to try life without the medicin I'm on though..
Today I was supposed to go to a friend and swim with her in the pool near her place but as I was still feeling kind of off yesterday I postponed our meeting. But then this morning I was feeling much more cheerfull and decided to go swimming on my own so I'd get at least that bit of fun :)

Next blog up is one I found quite a long time ago, it's a sewing and crafting blog called "ikat bag". She writes very good tutorials and they're easy to find on her blog/page too. And then she has the best ideas for crafting with and for kids! So many great ideas! And a lot of recycling too, her love for cardboard is something unique I think ;)
I can't remember how I found her blog, especially as it's quite a long time ago now.

I think that's it for today :) now I'm going to go back to readin my Agatha Christie (The Harlequin Tea Set and other stories) :D

Sunday, 29 January 2012

and I forgot to update this again, I'm hopeless ;) actually I am trying to not be online all the time :)
so, next blog.. I promised a friend the link to this one so I thought I'd present it here at the same time.
A cooking blog! I have no idea how I found it though, probably through another blog..
The Danny/Gwyneth project A guy who got Gwyneth's cookbook and is now cooking through it a bit like Julia/Julie :) I love cooking and the way he writes it's very funny to read too :) and now I know I definitely don't need to buy "My Father´s daughter" ;)

The above blog actually times in very well with what I've been up to this weekend, I just realized that ;)
I spent Saturday and half of Sunday at our cottage cooking for my Dad and brother-in-law (they did some work on a house my sister and brother-in-law are building) :) and of course I always strive to cook delicious food (although maybe not Gourmet) :D I did manage to ease the demands I put on myself so I bought some of the bread for the weekend and only baked one kind ;) and I only made cookies and not a lot of elaborate desserts :P I'm getting so good at simplifying my life :D and luckily I still have some cookie dough left and a friend coming over tomorrow so I can serve her cookies too, yey! :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I'm so much better at reading blogs than writing on my own, but I thought I'd now have a small serie where I present some of the blogs I'm reading :)
Whenever I find a new blog I read it from end to beginning so that I really get to know what kind of blog and person it is about :)
So first out is Herding Cats, a blog I found via facebook (I think) and her very good text about using the word "retarded" ( really a very good bit, read it!). So I started to read it to the beginning, I've actually read it all so now I'm reading the new stuff she's written while I've been reading backwards ;) I like her style and I always love reading about families. It's actually one of few blogs that isn't in some way related to art&craft or some other of my bigger interests. Happy reading if you decide to check it out :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Complaining/back pain

I hate people who complain all the time or just talk about negative stuff, but today I'm going to join them for a little while..
This day felt blah from the morning and it hasn't so far gotten better.. my back is hurting a bit more today too. For those who doesn't know I have a herniated disc and that's what has made my back, hip, butt, leg etc hurt for the last 5months or so. I even got a MRI scan and am now in the que for an operation..
So because of that I called my health care provider, so I could talk to my own doctor who I really really like, only to be told that I have a new "own" doctor.. again.. so now I have to talk to a new doctor once again.. sigh.. 
Luckily there's a new water gymnastics group today that I'm going to try out, I loooove swimming :) and luckily it's not forbidden, instead the last fysiotherapist recommended it :) it's also good to get out of the house, some days the only reason to go out of the house is to go to the store and that usually ends with chocolate.. although today might end that way too.. ugh..
I hate and love chocolate.. feels like most of my life has revolved around chocolate (or candy)..

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sewing, sewing, sewing.. :)

I'm making lots of quilted purses, the hardest part is to choose which colors to use together!
9 finished sides, just need to do the lining and choose a zipper and pocket andandand :P

This is what the "finished" 9 looks like, I have 3 more suggestions that I need to think about before I sew them..
I also need to keep reminding myself that this is fun and that even though I "have" to do it, it's not to be counted as work and hence boring.. I so easily think the wrong thoughts and then everything just feels so negative that I want to go crawl under a blanket! But I'm getting better at staying positive :D